Return to the roots


Hello everybody! My name is Sergey aka Razor Shock. I am DJ and musician. I live in Moscow, the capital city of the Russian Federation.

I am listen of the electronic music since 1994 year and create my own musical stuff since 1997 year. My creative career as DJ began from middle of 90th. I was performance at underground hardcore parties in Moscow, used in a spelling of own music of a computer Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 later. During 1999-2001 I was issued some albums and has given some tracks for compilations on some Moscow CD-R-labels. Also let out experimental music under name AT4 on foreign underground labels.

There were some tours city: Saint Petersburg, Minsk, Tula.

After 2001 year I was started create my music on the PC in the Renoise tracker and use it so far. You can listen most of all my tracks in Music section on this website.